G Michael Photography

ORDERS DUE BY:  Order deadline extended to April 13th

WHAT IF I HAVE MORE THAN ONE (1) CHILD TO ORDER FOR?   Sibling groups are often assigned the same password.  However, it is possible that you children may have different passwords.  Enter the password(s) on the order form or sent via email/text.  If individual passwords are provided, enter the first, then  DO NOT click LOGIN just yet!!!  Instead, click where indicated to enter the password for any other children.  You will then be able to view images for all of your children and place their orders together.   Please feel free to call the studio for assistance if needed at 281-350-5400.  

HOW DO I ORDER?  While viewing your child's photos, click on the first image that you wish to order from. Next, select your choice of background and then your package choice. After selecting a package, you may also select any ADD-ON Items that you desire.  Next, scroll to the bottom and click on ADD TO CART.  

CAN I ORDER FROM MULTIPLE BACKGROUNDS? To order from a different image or to order from a different background, scroll to the bottom and select KEEP SHOPPING.  Next, select the image you next want to order from and then select a new background and whatever items you wish to order from this time. When you are done ordering, scroll to the bottom and select GO TO SHOPPING CART. Complete checkout.